Meal Planning: Visualize it!

Step 1: Make a visual that everyone in the house can see. That way, you are reminded that you need to continue to plan your meals for you and your family.

As I was wandering through Pinterest one day, I came across this wonderful DIY project of a meal planning board for your kitchen. Honestly, it is the best one that I have came across in a while.
Pretty much, all you need is an old cookie sheet (even a canvas would work), fabric, glue gun, magnets, and clothes pins. (As well, your eye for a decent amount of creativity!) There are a few more supplies, but you can get a better idea by going to this women’s direct link to the DIY project.

What better way to organize your weekly meals than this visually-appealing board? I think it would be a great hit in my house, especially with my fiance not asking me everyday what we’re having for dinner. Now, to just get crafty and brave enough to attempt this little project. I will definitely let you know when I get around to finishing it! šŸ™‚


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